Violeta Ayala

Violeta is a Quechua film director, producer, writer and artist. She is best known for directing the award winning documentaries Cocaine Prison(2017), The Fight (2017), The Bolivian Case (2015) and Stolen (2009). Her films have premiered at A-List film festivals such as the Toronto International Film Festival and screened in hundreds of festivals worldwide. Violeta has won 42 awards, including a Walkey and nominations for the prestigious IDA in Los Angeles and Rory Peck Awards in London. She has a degree in Journalism from Charles Sturt University in Australia and is part of a prominent blogger series on the Huffington Post. In 2018, Violeta won the Jaime Escalante medal of honor for her outstanding talent in filmmaking. She is a founding member of United Notions Film. 

Talking to Marcelo
Street style. 
Violeta and Maria. 
The world famous zebras.
Silent night.
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