Andrea Monasterios
Andrea is an Aymara journalist born and raised in La Paz, Bolivia with a degree in audiovisual communication and photography. She studied human rights, culture and filmmaking in Bolivia, Germany and Argentina. She has directed and produced two short animated films, “Reo” & “Nadies”, winning 11 different awards in festivals in Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Spain. Andrea was a staff  journalist at El Deber, the major newspaper in Bolivia, and also contributes to several independent newspapers. She collaborates with Violeta Ayala writing for The Huffington Post. Andrea is currently doing a masters in Human Rights, Journalism and Politics at the UNSAM University in Buenos Aires.
Violeta, Andrea & Fer.
Chefs of La Paz.
A reminder of The Fight.
Los Pinches Gringos.
The first time V met Andrea.
After a long long day. 
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