"Extraordinary, just hits you in the face."
Christiane Amanpour - CNN
"A prime example of the power of journalism."
Judges - Walkley Awards 2017
"Shocking, moving, loving and very powerful."
"The story of an extraordinary fight between a government and a group of citizens." 
"Brilliant, Stunning and Touching."
People with disabilities are amongst the most discriminated in Bolivia. Fed up with being ignored they embark on an unimaginable journey, marching 380km over the Andean mountains in their wheelchairs to speak with president Evo Morales. They’re met with riot police, barricades, teargas and water cannons.

The Fight was published by The Guardian as a 29min short film in May 2017. Watch it now...

The feature version of The Fight is currently in production.

The Filmmaking Team

Directed by Violeta Ayala & Daniel Fallshaw
Written by Violeta Ayala & Daniel Fallshaw
Produced by Daniel Fallshaw, Violeta Ayala & Fernando Barbosa
Co-produced by Andrea Monasterios
Music by Simon Walbrook
Camera by Daniel Fallshaw & Fernando Barbosa
2nd Camera, camera assistant, driver and security Andres Zuñiga Sanjines
Edited by Daniel Fallshaw
Executive Producers Charlie Phillips, Lindsay Poulton and Laurence Topham

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